14 February 2018 16:38

Today, the Bulgarian Football Union (BFU) sat alongside Sportradar at a press conference to outline its education strategy that will see 32 workshops per season covering referees, BFU officials and all football players from the 1st and 2nd professional leagues along with individual e-learning modules and assessments each year.

The powerful statement of intent, a pledge to the fans and all the stakeholders of Bulgarian football, is reinforced by the fact that attendance of the workshops and completion of the e-learning modules and assessments will be mandatory for all players playing at 1st and 2nd professional leagues.

On behalf of Bulgarian Football Union I'm very delighted to be part of this contract. As President of the BFU I promise my full support to this initiative. I am convinced that the same applies for my collegues in our Federation“, Mr Mihaylov said about the agreement.    

This agreement means a lot for us.  Now we are doing a step forward, adding to the monitoring of the games an educational strategy.  I believe that organizing workshops all around the country will help us to present the strategy and therefore to keep the integrity mission growing. This is one of our priorities in the next months“, said Deputy general secretary Pavel Kolev               

„We all know how important is to have such an educational strategy, because we have to bring the integrity matters very close to players, coaches, referees and all the football stakeholders. First of all, we have to be able to explain very clear the consequences of being part of suspicious games”, revealed the Integrity Officer’s statement Mario Kosturkov

Secretary General of Minister of Sport Assen Markov said: „A huge welcome to Sportradar educational strategy and congratulations to BFU for supporting so strong the battle against match fixing. As part of the Authorities the Ministry of Sport will give a decisive battle against match fixing “

Adding his thoughts, Sportradar Group Director Sales Southern Europe, Mr. Alex Gerontikos had this to say: “Any federation that shows this level of commitment will always get our support. We are honoured that the BFU has come to us to devise the ambitious plan of safeguarding and securing sport, its participants and stakeholders against both betting-related match-fixing and corruption. There is a lot of work to do and we are fully committed to deliver!”

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