Borislav Mihaylov re-elected as President of the BFU

16 February 2018 20:18

Borislav Mihaylov has been re-elected as president of the Bulgarian Football Union (BFS) at the association's VIII regular congress. Mihaylov, a UEFA Executive Committee member won 90.8% of the delegates votes and is now starting his fourth term in office. The other candidates were Lyuboslav Penev and Ivaylo Drazhev.

512 delegates with a right to vote were registered before the election procedure from which 510 gave their vote.

The valid votes were 504. Borislav Mihaylov received 463 votes against 36 for Lyuboslav Penev and 5 for Ivaylov Drazhev.

The new Executive Committee has been elected also during the BFU`s General assembly and is formed by 14 members as follows: Yordan Lechkov, Mihail Kasabov, Atanas Furnadzhiev, Emil Kostadinov, Kamen Kostadinov, Rumyan Valkov, Ventseslav Stefanov, Mihail Statev, Valentin Mihov, Kiril Domuschiev, Spas Rusev, Petar Velichkov, Panayot Reyzi and Dimitar Georgiev.

The President of the German Football Association (DFB) Reinhard Grindel was among the official guests of the event. Borislav Mihaylov received a special gift from his colleague – a jersey of the German National Football Team with autographs and number 55 on the back, on the occasion of his 55th birthday. Together with the President of the DFB, official guests of the event were EUFA and FIFA`s representatives Zoran Lakovic and Bjorn Vassallo.

The Minister of Youth and Sport Krasen Kralev honored Borislav Mihaylov with the highest state award in the sphere of sport " Wreath of the winner" on the occasion of his 55th birth day and for his merits for the development of sport in Bulgaria.

At the end of the 8th Regular Congress, amendments to the Statute of the Bulgarian Football Union were voted and adopted and will be published on the official website of the Bulgarian Football Union.

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